Uno-Matic pneumatic couplings


New pneumatic couplings between tractor and hanger/trailer – fully compatible with existing couplings

Safety, quality and ergonomics were key focus areas in the development and production of the Uno-Matic couplings. The shape of the handle and rubberised surface give a comfortable, safe grip.

The couplings were developed in Sweden specifically for the Nordic climate. The components are hard anodised, making them very resistant to corrosion. We demanded high standards of quality for the valve packings to achieve long service life and avoid them freezing



Uno Matic Bevola truck connector


Uno Matic Bevola nozzle


Uno Matic Bevola Semtra hanger connector


Uno Matic Bevola Semtra nozzle


Uno Matic Bevola repair kit


The guarantee does not cover normal wear and tear.

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