BevoBox™ Toolboxes

BEVOLAs custom made toolboxes and cabinets are of high quality but at low prices. BEVOLA develops and produces all boxes and cabinets in Denmark at our modern production facilities. We are Denmark leading supplier of toolboxes and cabinets in terms of types and materials. BEVOLA is renowned for designing and producing toolboxes and cabinets for the transport industry. However, our solutions are suited for all kind of extreme storage and transportation within transportation, offshore, shipping and agriculture.

The customers' needs are central 

Quality and flexibility are the difference between Bevolas toolboxes and cabinets, and other good toolboxes and cabinets. BEVOLA is producing and constructing the main part of the toolboxes and cabinets on the basis of our customers' needs and requests. This means, that the customer will get a solution which is perfect for them.

The lay-out is your choice 

There are no limitations when it comes to the lay-out and as regards to the content. It is up to the customer along with our constructor, to find a solution which is living up to the needs and the purpose of the task. If the customer wants us to purchase and mount the equipment or mount the machines in boxes, BEVOLA is able to do this, and deliver preassembled solutions. It is all a matter of a dialog. At BEVOLA, it is only the imagination and the creativity that are setting the limits for the solutions and cooperation. 


We launched a whole new generation of BevoBox™ toolboxes in 2017. We launched the new, updated BevoBox™ Mix and BevoBox™ Stainless Steel in the spring, followed by BevoBox™ Plywood and BevoBox™ Sandwich.

A completely new lock

made of black, armoured nylon with a polished stainless steel handle. The lock has a unique system which enables ventilation under the handle without compromising the watertightness of the BevoBox™. The combination of vents in the lock and on the back of the box gives unbeatable ventilation, allowing a through-flow of air.

New flap holder

guarantees that the flap and hinge are not overloaded. The flap holder holds the flap open, even when it is windy.

New accessories

Our new heating element has an automatic controller to guarantee only the necessary power is used. All BevoBoxes are available with LED lighting, heating elements and a floor mat.

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