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Call and order at +45 5766 0000

All of the articles in this outlet can be bought by or through excisting customers at BEVOLA. The articles can also, as a prepayment, be bought by a company with a CVR.    

 Hydrauliktank - komplet         

Complete light beam with 6 holes

Welded back plate and 2 loose end plates

Quantity: 1 piece
Art. no. 900001

Price pr. piece: 1.000,- DKK excl. VAT


 Hydrauliktank - komplet         Hydrauliktank - komplet

Hydraulic tank 120L

Complete tank

Quantity: 1 piece
Art. no. 570005

Price pr. piece: 1.500,- DKK excl. VAT



BevoBox™ in aluminum

Bottom hinged
External bottom hinged door opens 180°

Quantitiy: 1 piece
Art. no. 687916

Price per piece: 4.000,- DKK excl. VAT

 Laqersalg - glasfiberpaneler         Laqersalg - glasfiberpaneler

Fiberglass panel 25mm

Integrated routing pipes for electric wire

Quantity: 6 pieces
Art. no. 358326

Price per piece: 875,- DKK excl. VAT


End marker lights

45° 24V, LED.
10 LEDs front/back

Art. no. right (red): 430150
Art. no. left (white): 430151
Price per piece: 75,- DKK


Spare wheel mount 20''

Powder coated - Grey
Art. no: 630008

Price now: 1600,- DKK


Rear wheel cover 22,5"

Premium, stainless steel, 120 mm deep
Art. no: 621073

Price before: 650,- DKK
Price now: 250,- DKK


Rear wheel cover m/int.m.f.trail 22,5

Art. no: 621032

Price before: 699.50,- DKK
Price now: 250,- DKK


Call and order at +45 5766 0000