JOST Products

JOST Products

BEVOLA has JOST in stock - fast delivery!

BEVOLA offers a wide and varied selection of JOST products, which is tailored to market requirements and easy to maintain.

  • The best quality in the market
  • Wide range
  • Market-adapted products

The JOST program consists of the following elements:

Støtteben JOST

      Landing gear – the best quality on the market.        
      The modular construction allows a multitude of different 

      We have the models Modul B and Modul CC. Both models 
      have a complete mounting plate. They are available in many sizes.
      It is easy to assembe and the replacement of the foot system 
      is straightforward too. They are protected in the long term 
      from environmental influences and pebbles.

      Modul B is purchased singulary, while Modul CC is 
                                                                                   purchased as a set.

                                                                                   Modul B is compatible with 
                                                                                   L-serie & OPTIMA landing gear.

Skammel JOST

       Fifth wheel couplings of high-quality cast. They are 
       certified according to ISO/TS 16949.

       We have the models JSK 36 DV with long handle and 
       JSK 37 C with short handle. They are available in
       different sizes and e-coatet.


Skammel med understel JOST

      Sliders are mounted on the mounting angles of the
      tractor unit. There is no need for an additional mounting

      We have the models JSK PRO og JSK SL. Both are
      e-coatet, which offers optimal prottection against rust. 
      They are available in different sizes.



Kingpin JOST

      King Pins are bolted to the retention plate and is easy to 
      replace from underneath. 2” pins can be interchanged on
      some types.

      We have the models KZ 1012 and 1516. They are complete 
      with plate and screws. All King Pins are suitable for use 
      in self-steering axle systems.



Kugledrejekrans JOST

       Ball bearing turntables are e-coatet.

       We have the models KLK HE/SO and KLK DR. They come
       in different dimensions. Custom-made products are 
       available on request.

Støtteben BEVOLA

       BEVOLAs own produced landing gear is robust and of
       high-quality. The landing gear is primed, has a round 
       foot and a rotatable bracket.




Further information on JOST products you find it in the new brochure.

JOST Brochure

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