BEVOLA lighting up the darkness

BEVOLA lighting up the darkness

BEVOLA lighting up the darkness

BEVOLA has expanded its lights range yet again. Lights and electrical components from NORDLYS, a totally new brand and concept are now being launched, developed and created by BEVOLA.


The development of NORDLYS began back in 2019, since when a lot of work has gone into getting this new brand established. Every product has been carefully chosen, as we felt it important that they could stand out, were new, and of course high quality, at an acceptable price. The green profile is also very important. High standards have been applied to the packaging, and all our suppliers had to confirm in writing that their products were produced under the correct ethical conditions.

NORDLYS now consists of 12 product groups, with a total of 65 products, with new ones added regularly. The objective is to have over 2,000 item numbers within 3 years.

NORDLYS is for everyone, professional and private, and sold online at


All NORDLYS products can be found here.



                    Fjernlygter                    Sidemarkering

             Working Lights                                             High Beam                                                Markers 

Forlygter                     Baglygter                    Baklygter

               Headlights                                             Reversing lights                                           Rear lights

Blitzlygter                      Nummepladelygter                    Gaffeltrucklys

            Flashing lights                                     License plate lights                                       Forklift lights

Reflekser                      Interiør                     Diverse elkomponenter

              Reflectors                                                      Interior                                                      Accessories

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