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Robust quality boxes from BEVOLA


Since its inception in 1968, BEVOLA has worked on and produced robust quality boxes, namely our well-known BevoBox™ tool boxes. These robust quality boxes have since evolved into several standard sizes and designs. But especially also many special boxes. BEVOLA is primarily known for designing and producing robust quality boxes for the transport industry, but our solutions are also suitable for all types of external storage and transport within industry, transport, offshore, shipping and agriculture.

When the customer cannot find the box they need, because it may need to look special or have special measurements, they come to us, for example. And then we do our part to make it all fit into a larger unit.

Our production, located locally in Ringsted, has only grown larger over time. We produce and collect approx. 8,000 tool boxes each year. In addition to producing standard products, work is also being done on several special products.

If the customer has a wish or some special goals, our technical department does their part to calculate and prepare drawings, so that they have a solid production basis in production. This applies not only to dimensions or the shape of the box, but also to the interior and other functions such as material and paintwork. BEVOLA develops and produces robust quality boxes in veneer, sandwich, monopan, aluminium, stainless steel or mix.

There are no restrictions on furnishing and interior design. In collaboration with our designers, they find the right solution together with the customer to suit the specific task. BEVOLA is able to procure and install special equipment and machines in the boxes, if the customer so wishes. At BEVOLA, the only limits to solutions and collaboration are imagination and creativity.

In the course of a year, we also produce quite a few special boxes. Boxes with special material, in special sizes and/or interior design. But also a box with several options and several doors or drawers.

We have made boxes for golf carts, trailers and tractors, boxes with three doors, boxes with remote-controlled opening on the door and boxes in various sizes and shapes for behind the cab. In addition, many of the boxes are equipped with drawers, shelves, strap holders, LED lights and/or heating elements.

BevoBox™ toolbox BevoBox™ toolbox   BevoBox™ toolbox

BevoBox™ toolbox

BevoBox™ toolbox

BevoBox™ toolbox

Over time, we have received various special orders, many of which become a standard item, as the demand for the same type is high. Regardless, here are some examples of the many different special orders we have produced over time.

If you have some thoughts about a box and don't really know how to start, contact us. We are ready to advise and help you get the finished project in house.

CONTACT customer service on tel. +45 5766 0000 or verkauf@bevola.dk. We are ready to help you find the right solution for your exact needs.