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Quality Coupling Material and Support Legs for Secure Transport


BEVOLA is your leading supplier of high-quality coupling material and landing gear for trucks, trailers, and semitrailers. Create safety and efficiency with our extensive product range designed to meet even the most demanding transport needs. We provide EU-approved couplings from multiple manufacturers known for their unique properties such as strength, weight, and easy maintenance. With easy installation and maintenance, you get unparalleled quality and reliability.

As a proud distributor of products from Rockinger and JOST, we can guarantee high quality and long lifespan. Rockinger, a part of JOST World, is one of the world's largest manufacturers of couplings and drawbars for the transport industry. Their range includes couplings for tractor units, trailers, and semitrailers, as well as drawbars. JOST is globally recognized for their transport equipment, and our selection includes landing gear, King Pins, slewing rings, and much more.

Rockinger trailer couplings are designed to withstand the load of heavy transport tasks, increasing reliability and safety during driving. They are made of robust materials and are easy to mount on trucks. They follow standard mounting procedures and come with installation instructions to make the process as straightforward as possible. Easy coupling and uncoupling save time and increase efficiency during loading and unloading.

There are various types of Rockinger couplings. The RO40 and RO50 couplings are primarily for the agricultural sector. The RO57 coupling, which is manually and air-operated, is mainly for trailer and semitrailer couplings.

We offer a wide selection of triangle drawbars from JOST-Rockinger. These include GNZ, a fixed drawbar for 57mm couplings, GLZ, an adjustable drawbar for 57mm couplings with manual (bolt) adjustment, and GZLV, a pneumatically adjustable drawbar for 57mm couplings.

Our landing gear are specially designed to meet various needs that may arise in the industry. Utilizing a modular design, they provide flexible mounting options and easy replacement of the foot system.

We offer two models, Modul B and Modul CC, both equipped with a full mounting plate. The support legs are resistant to environmental impacts and stone impacts. Modul B is purchased separately and is compatible with L-series and OPTIMA support legs, allowing you to choose the best fit. Modul CC comes as a set.

King Pins are crucial components used in the coupling equipment for trucks and trailers. They are fixed to the trailer and create a secure connection between the truck and the trailer. Moreover, they are easily replaceable from the bottom.

We offer two models of King Pins: KZ 1012 and 1516. These two models come complete with a plate and screws, so you have everything you need for a successful installation. Whichever model you choose, you can be confident that our selection of King Pins is of high quality and reliability.

It's worth noting that all our King Pins are compatible with self-steering axle systems.

We offer two models of slewing rings, namely KLK HE/SO and KLK DR, which are covered with a protective e-coating. These models come in various sizes, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your needs and vehicle specifications. The e-coating is an electrostatic painting technique that provides a smooth and durable surface protection. This coating helps protect the coupling equipment from corrosion and other damages that may occur during daily use and under various weather conditions.

Different trailers may have specific requirements regarding the hole pattern on the coupling equipment. Therefore, we offer customized hole patterns upon request. This way, the coupling equipment is perfectly tailored to fit trucks and trailers.

We have a wide selection of sliders (supports), designed to meet various needs and requirements in the transport industry. Our sliders without underframes are certified according to the ISO/TS 16949 standard, an acknowledged quality standard in the industry.

The models JSK 36 DV with a long handle and JSK 37 C with a short handle are designed to provide reliable performance and easy handling. Additionally, we offer sliders with underframes, giving you the option to adjust the length of the combination of vehicles. Our models, including JSK PRO and JSK SL, both offer flexibility and the best possible functionality to adapt to different transport needs.

To ensure long-lasting protection against rust and corrosion, all our sliders are covered with a durable e-coating. This surface treatment provides effective protection and contributes to maintaining the performance of the sliders over time.

Whether you need couplings, drawbars, triangle drawbars, sliders, landing gear (drop legs), ball bearing turntables, or kingpins, we have the solution for you.

When choosing and purchasing equipment for your truck and trailer, there are many factors to consider. Our experienced staff is here to assist you and provide professional advice. We consider all the important factors, such as weight limitations, vehicle specifications, transport requirements, and other relevant variables to ensure you choose the right equipment.

CONTACT our customer service at +45 5766 0000 or verkauf@bevola.dk for more information. We are ready to assist you.