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More efficiency with bodywork components from BEVOLA


BEVOLA has a large selection of products within building components, such as container equipment, Kinnegrip pillars, chassis brackets, mudguards, light bars, plywood, etc. We produce many of our products in Ringsted and sell products from well-known brands, such as Jonesco and Kinnegrip.

BEVOLA has a wide range of mudguards in different sizes and materials. We have aluminum mudguards that we produce ourselves and molded plastic mudguards from Jonesco. The mudguards are available in various forms, we have, among other things, bent and rolled screens. The rolled aluminum mudguards are available as single, boogie and triple. Compared to the traditional curved mudguards, the rolled ones stand out – not only in appearance, but they also have a radius of 650mm.

Mudguards are an important part of the vehicle's protection against dirt and damage caused by road conditions. As well as protecting the vehicle, they can also help reduce tire noise levels and improve fuel economy by reducing drag.

Our side guard is available in polished stainless steel, which is of the same quality as our well-known BevoBox™ toolboxes. We have two types of side guards, one profiled and one with the same design as the front of one of our BevoBox™ toolboxes. This helps to provide a more uniform surface along the side of the car or trailer.

It can be mounted on existing side guards with 30mm thickness. It thus also helps to protect material behind it, such as battery boxes, air dryers, fuel filters and much more. It is available in three different lengths; 500, 1000 and 2500mm, as well as in two different heights; 600 and 700 mm.

Structural components for trucks are essential to ensure efficient and safe transport of goods. Regardless of whether it concerns crane superstructures, tippers, timber superstructures or other special solutions, it is important to choose the right components for the structure of the truck. The different components are important because they allow the trucks to perform specialized tasks and adapt to various transport needs. It is crucial to choose high-quality components so that the truck functions optimally and safely.

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