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There's a wide range to choose from at BEVOLA, including couplings from Rockinger and Kingpin, fifth wheels and landing gear from JOST.

When it comes to fifth wheels, height measurements are key, along with model adaptation in terms of width and wheel configuration. The most popular models are always in stock for quick delivery. Check stock status at BEVOLA's webshop.

If you’re having a problem identifying which coupling, landing gear or fifth wheel you need, our highly-skilled personnel are there to help. There are lots of things to bear in mind before choosing and buying equipment for a truck or trailer.

Read more about our products in our brochure. This is also where you’ll find tips for service and maintenance.

JOST brochure


Remember: as from 1 September 2021, UNECE R58 revision 3 (R58.03) comes into effect for all newly-registered vehicles. In accordance with the new rules, components must be designed and made to cope with heavier loads. Read more here.

CONTACT customer service on tel. no. +45 5766 0000 or verkauf@bevola.dk. They're ready to help find the right solution for your needs.