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BEVOLA lights up in the dark


BEVOLA stocks an extensive product range within lighting and electrical components. We are constantly seeing to achieve a product range adapted to the needs of the market, and which is of high quality, top design lights.

When you choose the lights for your truck, you need to consider e.g., how much light you need, should the light have a wide spread (flood) or should it be more focused (spot), and how about special requirements such as ADR, IP degree etc. When knowing this it should be easier to choose the lighting.

Our competent customer service and sells department are ready to help and guide you, if still in doubt. Help will find its way!

We have all kinds of lighting in stock. For instance we have:

In Denmark, it’s important that the reference value does not exceed 100. The reference value is printed on the lens, along with the E-mark. They also must be mounted in pairs in Denmark, unless approved as secondary lights.

Other things to bear in mind are where they can be positioned – on the front, or on the top of the vehicle?

Something you must always remember is that lights meet the approvals required by law. Driving lights must have ECE-R112 approval, and should also have EMC:ECE-R10 approval, which means they do not emit electromagnetic interference, able to disrupt other electronic appliances such as mobile phones, radios and tachographs.

When choosing working lights, it’s also important to consider whether you need spread (flood) or a more concentrated light (spot). Using several smaller lights instead of one big one can also be an advantage, gaining better coverage and less glare.

The more you spend on a light, the longer lifetime and better light quality you get. If driving in very cold conditions, a light with a heated lens may well be a good idea.

One of the last things to consider is the level of IP protection you need. The higher IP tightness a light has, the better protected it is against dust and water getting in.

As previously mentioned, we have a wide product range within lighting, which includes lots of different kinds of lights, such as number plate lights, rear lights, reversing lights, headlights, snowplow lights, warning lights, ceiling lights and marker lights.

Read more about the different suppliers we use within lighting and electrical components in our brochure.

CONTACT Customer Service on +45 5766 0000 or verkauf@bevola.dk. They're ready to help find the right solution for your needs.