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BevoGrip™ sand spreader, snow chains and lights


Winter has a way of sneaking up on us. That's why it's important to make sure the truck is ready for winter with BevoGrip™ sand spreader, snow chains and lights.

We have a wide selection of lights, snow chains and much more, which help to ensure the safety of both drivers and other road users. We are not only concerned with having products of high and good quality, but also that safety is in order.

Our BevoGrip™ sand spreader is one of our many self-produced products. It comes in several sizes, such as 200, 300 and 330mm with either a left- or right-hinged door. The large model can hold up to 95L of gravel and the small one up to 45L of gravel.

The sand spreader has a built-in automatic stop function and a specially developed heating element that is mounted in the gravel near the output shaft. This gives you perfect and efficient use of the product. The electronics themselves can sense if the load becomes too great.

Many of our customers have had our BevoGrip™ sand spreader installed on their cars. One of them has installed it on all their cars and says that the cost of a set of sandblasts equals the cost of a single salvage with subsequent improvements to the material.

One of their drivers has told us about a trip where he had to be pulled over close to a main road near the Russian border. The climb was about 7% and there was black, shiny ice all the way up the 2 km long hill. Here, as a driver, you must assess whether the section of road can be passed without compromising safety. With the help of the dosages from the sand spreader, the road section was passed without any problems.

In addition, BEVOLA sells snow chains from Lilleseth Kjetting, which are aggressive and durable with high quality that can be felt. We have two different types of chains in stock. There is Easy On, which is a light chain with or without spikes and comes in 5.5 or 7 mm. And Arctic Grip, which is a robust chain with strong spikes, produced in high-alloy steel and delivered in 7, 8 or 9 mm.

We have a large selection of lights in stock. We have e.g. work lights, main beam, marker lights, rear and reverse lights. They are available in different sizes and lumens. The most important thing when choosing lights is to find out what the need is. Then consider whether there are special requirements for ADR, IP degree or similar, how much light/lumen you need and what the design and shape should be.

CONTACT us on tel. +45 5766 0000 or verkauf@bevola.dk for more information. We are ready to help you.