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Be safe and visible with the right lights from BEVOLA


It can be a bit challenging to decide when there are so many models to choose from. Sometimes you know exactly what you need. Regardless, proper lighting is a crucial factor for traffic safety; it ensures visibility, minimizes risks, and complies with regulations. BEVOLA has a wide range of lights in stock for quick delivery, offering plenty of choices.

We continuously work to improve our lighting program to meet the market's needs and desires while ensuring high quality and appealing design. With the broad selection of lights, it can also be difficult to find the type of light that best matches your needs, and there are many things to consider.

Our competent customer service and sales representatives are ready to guide you if you are still unsure.

Both work lights and high beam lights are crucial for enhancing visibility and safety. Work lights are designed to provide an intensive and wide light field, giving drivers the extra light they need to perform their work efficiently and safely.

In our work light program, you will find many different types of lights. Some of them can also be purchased in pairs, depending on your needs. There are some things to consider when choosing the light, such as whether the light should be spread or more concentrated. Sometimes it may be more beneficial to buy several smaller lights instead of one large light, as it provides better light coverage and a more pleasant experience. Additionally, you should also consider whether you want the lights to be visible or more concealed, as well as the type of connection they should have - should it be with a Deutsch connector or a cable without a connector.

In our high beam light program, you will find it all - we have several different kinds of lights. High beam lights contribute to additional light on the road, especially during night driving, and are invaluable in improving visibility over long distances.

In addition to work lights and high beam lights, we also have marker lights, position lights, rear lights, fog lights, warning lights, and ceiling lamps in our assortment. So, we have lights for every need.

Marker lights are essential for signaling the width and length of the truck. They are usually placed on the sides of the truck and warn other road users about the vehicle's dimensions, which is particularly important during overtaking and driving in dense traffic. So, they are important to prevent potential accidents and avoid potential dangerous situations.

Other lights such as fog lights, rear lights, warning lights, and strobe lights are all very important regardless of the vehicle and driving conditions. They are essential for the safety of both the drivers themselves and other road users. Fog lights are specially designed for driving in foggy and low-visibility weather conditions. They emit a broad, low-placed light, providing drivers with better opportunities to react to any obstacles on the road.

Warning lights and strobe lights are used especially in emergencies or accidents. The flashing light warns other road users about dangerous conditions on the road.

Most of our lights are E-marked certified, guaranteeing that the lights meet European quality and safety standards. If you are driving in the EU, you should, therefore, prioritize lights with E-marking to ensure that they are legal and comply with the necessary standards.

For example, our high beam lights comply with the approvals required by law, such as ECE-R112 and EMC:ECE-R10 approvals. This means that the light does not emit electromagnetic interference that could disturb other electronic devices such as phones, radios, and tachographs.

IP protection is also important as it indicates how well the lights are protected against the penetration of water and dust. The higher the IP density, the better the protection for the lights.

Another important factor is the lumen output. Lumens indicate the brightness and intensity of the lights. When selecting lights, you should consider the necessary lumen output to meet your specific needs. For example, driving in off-road areas or on construction sites may require more powerful work lights, while driving on highways may require more high beam lights for better visibility over long distances.

It can be challenging to find the right lights as many factors come into play. By choosing the right types of lights and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements, you contribute to creating a safer driving experience for both drivers and other road users. So, invest in reliable and quality lights that suit your specific needs and help upgrade safety on the roads.

If you are unsure which light best suits your needs, please feel free to contact our customer service. They are ready to help you find the right solution.

CONTACT customer service at +45 5766 0000 or email verkauf@bevola.dk for more information.