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Assali Stefen axles


Our axle concept is created based on the experience we have gained with more than 35 years in the industry. The focus has been to create optimal and functionally adapted solutions for our customers with long-term financial sustainability as the basis of value.

BEVOLA, in collaboration with builders, truckers, constructors and Assali Stefen, has created a completely unique and environmentally friendly axle concept for the Nordic market.

Assali Stefen


Assali Stefen is an Italian company founded in 1984, especially known worldwide for the design, manufacture and distribution of axles and suspension for trailers, hangers, and other special applications. The production is characterized by quality thinking, closeness to the customers and their detailed wishes. The flexibility is great, and so are the possibilities for tailor-made solutions that are significantly simpler and more efficient.

In 2011, Assali Stefen took over the production of ROR axles and forms the basis of the whole concept with the integrated suspension. Once the axles are ready, we optimize the axles with a proprietary process we call CAAC (Computerised Axle Adjustment Concept). Product development took off in autumn 2011, when the total production of ROR's trailer axles was moved to Assali Stefen in Italy. This change opened possibilities for a wider technical development and adaptation to our Nordic conditions.

The axles are fitted with reinforced bushings, brake guards, SV shock absorbers, pneumatic bellows, and brake calipers from Meritor, Haldex or Knorr. They are also equipped with stainless steel sliding pins, cassette wheel bearings or tapered wheel bearings and, if necessary, WABCO's ABS sensor. All axles are inspected and adjusted regarding toe-in and camber in the CAAC platform.

All specifications are available with:

  • BevoGuard: Automatic constant tire pressure gauge
  • BevoAxls: Integrated axle lift in shock absorbers
  • BevoLift: Air-operated axle lifts in various variants

All axles can be supplied with different track widths according to requirements, wishes, technical design and with different ride heights from 150mm upwards. Steering axles are available as both co-tracking and forced steering. They can be equipped with different braking equipment and adapted to different external control systems.

We supply many different types of axles, such as SL TRC, LRC, TSA, TFC and LFC axles.

With axles from Assali Stefen, you get more than just a beautifully designed axle. You also achieve a lot of savings, such as on repairs, up to 5-6% on fuel and more than 5% on tire wear. In addition, it produces less CO2 emissions, road wear and increased driving comfort.

CONTACT customer service on tel. +45 5766 0000 or verkauf@bevola.dk. We are ready to help you find the right solution for your exact needs.