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Authorized distributor of Nordhydraulic


BEVOLA is proud to now call itself an authorized distributor of Nordhydraulic, a leading manufacturer of hydraulic solutions and products. For more than 50 years, Nordhydraulic has supplied reliable and durable hydraulic products. With their extensive experience and know-how within hydraulic technologies, we help to provide our customers with the best products and the best service available on the market.

Nordhydraulic, an integral part of the HYDAC Group, is a worldwide manufacturer of directional valves and control valves for mobile applications. The valves are characterized by highly advanced design solutions, including application-tailored spools aimed at optimizing the controllability and performance of customers' machines.

Flexibility, adaptation, and product development are important key values for Nordhydraulic.

A network of top-quality suppliers and partners provides the capacity to service and satisfy all customers. The ground-breaking expertise is constantly at hand, and as a customer, you can always count on receiving the very best - in every situation.

They work as closely as possible with the customer through all phases of the process. They consider their technical network to be a particularly important part of future customer support.

Product and process development
Nordhydraulic strives to be at the forefront of global hydraulic development. Customers are the most important part of this development process. The products must function in everyday life without too many problems.

Nordhydraulic is not aiming for the future – they are already part of it.

We already have a wide product range within hydraulics, now we are expanding it with products from Nordhydraulic. You will find our wide selection of hydraulic components here.

CONTACT us for more information on +45 5766 0000 and verkauf@bevola.dk