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New BevoBox™ Brochure


We've updated our BevoBox™ brochure to make it even easier to see the wide range of different toolboxes we stock, particularly those we make ourselves.

BEVOLA makes its own range of toolbox
We have our own production facilities here in Denmark, with a workforce of over 40 dedicated to building and assembling our BevoBox™ toolboxes. We also have our own R&D department to help customers fulfil their own requirements with such items as custom toolboxes.

The range is constantly expanding in line with customer demand and requirements. Many of the custom boxes we produce become part of our standard range, as they are much in demand.

Toolboxes in stock for fast delivery

We stock toolboxes in aluminium, mix, stainless steel, plastic and plywood in standard measurements. We also have plenty of accessories in stock, to help you keep your toolbox contents in perfect order.

For more details and to see the full range, check out our newly-updated brochure.

BevoBox™ Brochure

Contact Customer Service
Our Customer Service Department is there to help you find the toolbox you need. And if we don’t have the size you want, we can quickly find the solution using a custom-made BevoBox™ toolbox.

Contact us on
Tel: 5766 0000
Mail: verkauf@bevola.dk