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Here is shown the kind of machinery and possibilities we have at our disposal at A/S Bevola.

 Our machinery presents our customers with the unique possibility of reducing the number of suppliers. The combination of our own products, some of the best agencies and self-produced standard- and specialized products and solutions in both iron, aluminium, fibre glas and veneer/wood enables us to handle just about all kinds of deliveries. We can solve the task from idea to finished solution.

 -  ABB Robot welder

ABB Robot welder complete with production line


Ideal for welding of tool boxes and lockers in large series in both stainless steel and aluminium.

 -   Amada Laser cutter

Laser cutter AMADA 4 kW for plate cutting. Easy mode selection.


Ideal for cutting all sorts of plates up to 12 mm. High accuracy and speed in both big and small batch sizes.

 -  Amada Press brake

Amada Press brake. 7 axles, 180 tons and 3m. Easy mode selection.


Ideal for bending and brake pressing all sorts of metal plates in large batch sizes.

 -  Italtec Press brake

Press brake Italtec160 ton og 3m. Easy mode selection.


Ideal for bending all sorts of metal plates in small batch sizes.

 -  Fabri Turret puncher

Fabri Turret puncher for 1x2 m plates. Easy mode selection.


Ideal for retention, hobbing and printing of all sorts of metal and steel plates.

 -  Haco Plate shears

Plate shears Haco, 13 mm and 3m.


Ideal for cutting all sorts of metal plates up to 13 mm.

 -  Elcematic automatic saw

Elcematic automatic saw


Ideal for cutting aluminium in large batch sizes. In addition to this saw, we have three other saws at our disposal for both aluminium and iron.

 -  Selco EB Saw

Selco EB 95 mm saw for veneer, wood, plastic and fibre glass.


Ideal for cutting veneer, wood, plastic, and fibre glass in plate sizes up to 3,8x3,2mx80mm with optimization. Easy mode selection. We offer complete kit solutions in veneer.

 -  Biesse Rover 342

Biesse Rover 342, CNC machinery center small and large batch sizes


Ideal for milling and drilling in veneer, wood, fibre glass and light aluminium. We offer complete kit solutions in veneer with high-quality finish.

 -  CAAC

Computer Axle Adjustment Concept.


Ideal for adjustment of axles for trailers and carts. The platform and the concept is developed i collaboration with Josam in Sweden. Adjusting axles means great financial and environmental cost reductions.

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