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Bevolas new Nordic axle

BevoNac is the name of the new Nordic axle concept that Bevola is presenting at Vestfyn Trækker.

BevoNac - Bevola Nordic Axle Concept

Within the gastronomy, the new Nordic cuisine has been known for quite some time. It has become famous all over the world, especially thanks to the restaurant Noma. Bevola is not counting on, that their new Nordic axles for trailers will become just as famous, but if it happened, it would not do anything. Primarily the focus is on the Danish, Swedish and Norwegian markets - and it was at Vestfyn Trækker, that the concept had its "world premiere".

- That was actually why we had rolled out the red carpet, said the managing director Tommy Horn from Bevola.

A long red carpet, led the visitors into Bevolas tent at their stand - and there, in the middle of the tent, the new axle news was displayed. As soon as the conversation revolved the axle, Tommy Horn quickly gave the word to Stefan Nilsson.  Stefan is the one who was in charge of the development. It is his project, said Tommy Horn.

Stefan Nilsson has worked at Bevola for almost ten years. He is the product manager and has previously been working at Volvo and Scania. His father was a truck body builder and owned the company PLS. So Stefan has had the transport industry close to him - through his whole life.

Meritor and ROR

- When I came to Bevola, we were selling ROR axles from Meritor. They stopped their production in Europe in 2010 and handed over the rights to the Italian producer Assali Stefen. Stefan Nilsson explains that, Assali Stefen are the ones, who we have built BevoNac with. - BevoNac is an acronym for Bevolas Nordic Axle Concept. It is an axle that is specifically developed for the Nordic environment and the conditions that the transport industry is exposed to. Therefore, we have used the best solutions and components that the market has to offer.

The components

The BevoNac concept comprises components such as:

  • Shock absorbers from Finland.
  • Reinforced Skipton bushings.
  • Protective sheets for the braking system.
  • Vibracoustic air bellows.
  • Meritor braking calipers
  • BevoGuard, which monitors and adjusts the tire pressure

Wants to sell 100 axles

Stefan Nilsson is expecting to sell 100 BevoNac-axles this year already.

- The interest has been massive, says Stefan Nilsson. Stefan had a sneak premiere with the axle concept on a Norwegian transport exhibition at Gardermoen. After the Vestfyn Trækker exhibition, the axle is going to be presented at the big Swedish Transport Exhibition; Elmia Truck, in Jönköping. This exhibition is taking place at the end of August.

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Vestfyn Trækker - Nordisk premiere


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